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For most people, owning a home is considered the "American Dream". Unfortunately, the mortgage can become a huge burden on a family should the main breadwinner become sick, disabled or pass away. Mortgage Protection Insurance is a specialized form of insurance designed to help eliminate the mortgage or provide a specified period of time where the mortgage is paid, ensuring the family can make the next payment no matter what happens.

Unsure of whether or not a mortgage protection plan is right for you? Ask yourself the following:

     -Can your family afford to pay the mortgage without your income?

     -Can you continue to pay your mortgage if you become disabled or are out of             work for an extended period of time?

     -If you didn't have a mortgage protection program, who would you be leaving   

       your debt to?

Many people overestimate the cost of a mortgage protection plan and think it is too expensive, when in reality most plans cost less than your monthly cable bill. Some plans even come with a Return of Premium option where you can receive all your money back at the end of the term if the benefits are not used. On top of that there is no medical examination involved.

Let us help put together a mortgage protection plan specifically for your family's needs and budget. If you already have a mortgage protection plan in place, we can do a complimentary policy review to be sure that you are getting the best plan for your current needs.  To receive your free quote click the button below.

Mortgage Protection